DRIP JEWELRY White satellite anklet/bracelet

Enamel satellite Anklet/Bracelet

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being a size inclusive brand means there’s not ~technically~ a difference between an anklet and a bracelet. Some people wear “bracelets sized” anklets and some people wear “anklet sized” bracelets! But here are the averages


Small: 6.25 inches 

Large: 7.25 inches 

Typically, people prefer bracelets .25-.5 inches larger than their wrist.  

AK’s wrist is 6 inches and wears hers tight at 6.25 inches.


small: 8.5 inches 

medium: 9.5 inches (average)

large: 10.5 inches 

AK’s ankle is 9 inches and wears anklets at 9.5-10 inches

if you cannot measure your wrist/ ankle, you'll be safe by selecting what you believe your size is + an extender!

water-resistant / tarnish-proof style