who said trendy, affordable and high-quality had to be mutually exclusive?!


  • layering necklaces

  • don't be afraid to mix and match
  • sweat proof

  • never worry about irritated or green skin
  • Earrings

  • pearls, sparkles, emeralds, snakes and so much more

layering necklaces

don't be afraid to mix and match Shop Necklaces

sweat proof

never worry about irritated or green skin Shop Sweat-proof


pearls, sparkles, emeralds, snakes and so much more earrings


Drip has been my go to when considering buying trendy or higher end jewelry. Not only are there a lot of different styles to choose from. The owner is also able to make your jewelry ideas come to life. 10/10 will always buy again.

Jaime T

I’m seriously obsessed with every piece I’ve bought, I wear at least one piece everyday. You make it so easy to achieve that layered look and not spend a fortune. Every piece I have still looks just as good as the day it arrived.I loooove how approachable and helpful you are too—you picked the cutest necklaces for me and they’re so versatile individually but also look bomb, Seriously the quality is amazing for the price. I have high end pieces too and I love layering them with your pieces!!

Emily J

Drip is the only jewelry that doesn't break me out. Legit my David Yurman gives me hives and Drip doesn't

Haley R

*gets paid*
*checks whats new on drip*

but seriously, BEST earrings for sensitive ears (that don’t break the bank). I’ve tried several brands and these are the only ones I can wear without irritation. Drip is the only brand of affordable earrings that have worked for my sensitive ears!

Caroline W

I love my Drip jewelry because all the pieces are high quality, trendy, and easy to mix and match. Alana has been so helpful and was willing to work with me to create the custom look I was going for!

Lacey G

Okay I feel like I owe you a review on my Drip BECAUSE I. AM. OBSESSED. I get so many compliments!! I legit have not taken my necklace off since I got it in December (shower, workout, etc) and it is still looking as good as the day I got it!! I also wear my earrings probably every other day (also in the shower and workout) and they are still looking fre$$$h. I get SO many comments on my gold drop bar earrings [custom order] . I am always keeping my eyes out for what I want next from drip💧😍

Sally C

Alana has become my ultimate jewelry plug. Whether I am shopping her original designs, or asking for a custom, each piece she makes is incredibly crafted and gorgeous to look at. I have become a huge fan of her pieces because they are largely gold-filled, making them carefree and tarnish proof. It is always easy to communicate with Alana and achieving my jewelry goals has never been easier! I am so lucky to have found such a talented, caring jewelry creator who is essentially now a friend!

Meghan G

Drip is my favorite upcoming brand with the best staple and signature pieces. I absolutely love the quality, and looking forward to adding more Drip to my collection! I always mention how I can’t wait to look back when Drip continues to grow and I realize I have vintage drip

Sharani W

If you’re looking for some jewelry you’ll never have to take off, get drip NOW! I wear my drip daily, in the shower, sleeping, the quality is unreal! The best jewelry brand I’ve bought from in years, and the customer service is incredible *chef kiss*

Emilee R