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Drip Jewelry

“DRIP” because of the slang term, obviously, but also because everything is water-resistant! We love a play on words.

Rooted in inclusivity, Drip Jewelry is hypoallergenic, size-inclusive, fair priced jewelry that is made in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Jewelry for everyone! We have a wide range of products - something for everyone.  We have on-trend pieces and timeless classics.  We also have funky, edgy pieces that’ll make your grandma shiver.  

When you reach out to Drip, you are always getting personal assistance from the designer herself. Helping customers style pieces or find gifts for friends and family is always a favorite— Feel free to email! SUPPORT@DRIPJEWELRY.COM


A note from AK:

I am passionate about insuring my jewelry is hypoallergenic and able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, so I have an elaborate testing process before selling anything to customers. I truly want you to trust that you are getting good quality when shopping with me. 

Everything is small-batch and nearly everything is made-to-order, which means it is made after you purchase and is made specifically for YOU!  This helps me keep the products affordable while allowing customization when necessary.

Read more about the materials used at DRIP!

Materials at Drip

Drip strives to use the best possible materials, while keeping costs low for you! Everything we do here is hypoallergenic and should withstand normal use. We want to be able to provide options for everyone’s budget and everyone’s lifestyle. ♥️💧✨



Core/ Enduring: long-lasting.  These are our best quality pieces, other than 14k Gold.  These products are made with 100% US-Grade Gold-Filled or Stainless Steel materials.  

  • 14K GOLD Gold-Filled is a great alternative to solid gold, it is a base metal (usually copper, steel or brass) and is coated with 14k or 18k gold.  It is much more affordable than solid gold, but still has that high quality we strive for at Drip. All Gold-Filled on the website is 100% USA-Grade Gold-Filled Material, even if it does not say it (I just forgot to write it).

    To be classified as "Gold-Filled" in the United States, the product must contain at least 5% gold.  To be classified as "Gold-Plated" in the United States, the product can contain .05% gold! This coating is 100x more gold than gold-plated jewelry and can withstand normal amounts of sweat and water. However, it is not solid gold and that is kind of the point! Drip’s Gold-filled pieces are an affordable alternative and definitely a great bang for your buck.

    Gold-Filled material can get very expensive and that is why we have introduced stainless steel!
  • PVD 18K GOLD Stainless Steel: After months of testing, we finally hacked the system! We figured out why some gold-plated stainless steel is better than others.  It all boils down to the manufacturing process. 

    r gold-colored stainless steel is the highest quality you can get. The core of this material is medical grade stainless steel. AKA what the dentist puts in your mouth. AKA won’t tarnish! 18k gold is chemically bonded or vacuum sealed onto the steel so that it will not fade color like typical gold-plated jewelry would. Stainless Steel is known for its hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant properties. These styles are water-resistant, like our gold-filled styles.

    The beauty of stainless steel is that it is far more affordable than gold-filed, this allows us to create more statement pieces and keep them in your budget. The other big bonus with stainless steel is that it does NOT TARNISH. EVER! After a while, a long while, the gold color may begin to fade, but it starts to look more worn and vintage-y, not tarnished. 


*Trend/ Almost There: aka almost as good as gold-filled or PVD stainless steel, but not quite there. HOWEVER, we have tested these products for months and they are still much more durable than the gold-plated materials we are used to.  We have also tested lots of material that did not make the cut.  We only want to make jewelry that we would personally wear ourselves.

  • 14K Heavy Gold Plated: These products are made with a heavy 14k gold-plating and are just under the threshold to be considered gold-filled. Many jewelry supply manufacturers actually market this material to me as gold-filled.  This is because not every country has the same standards as the US and they can get away with calling it gold-filled, even when it is not. (Even US Manufacturers!)  

  • 18K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel : Since the base of this material is hypoallergenic stainless steel, the jewelry will NOT TARNISHturn black, turn your skin green, or irritate your skin, if it does.. pleaseee let me know! 

    The plating process is just a bit simplier and more affordable than our PVD stainless steel, which allows us to provide more affordable trendy styles. However, I do not recommend wearing these in the pool, working out, etc. because the gold will rub off sooner than our other pieces!

    *These are some of my cheaper, for-fun items. Please look at the jewelry care tab if you want more information on how to care for your jewelry! I personally wear these pieces in the shower, because I do not mind the way it looks when the gold starts to fade, but if you want it to stay looking fresh, remove them before getting wet, and before applying chemicals or lotions*

After a LOT of science experiments, wearing 2397 bracelets at once at the beach, research and trial and error, we are pretty good at determining the difference between the materials and now know what to tell our customers.  That said, the products in the Almost There collection are still very high quality!  I have LOTS of customers who swim/shower all of our pieces without any problems!


Solid Gold: forever. These are our solid gold items. With proper care, these items can be passed down for generations.

Gold-Plated: not long lasting at all. We do not have any items in this category. 

Please look at the jewelry care tab if you want more information on how to care for your jewelry!

Caring for your Jewelry

caring for jewelry


If you do absolutely nothing, this jewelry will still last much longer than the trendy and fun jewelry that we are used to. However, if you want your jewelry to look great for years to come:

Do not apply lotion or perfume while wearing your jewelry

Remove your jewelry before swimming in chlorine or salt water. If you decide to keep it on, at least rinse it with plain water and pat it dry when you’re done!

Remove your jewelry before showering or at least rinse it with plain water and pat it dry when you’re done!

Store your jewelry in an airtight container, away from moisture and light

Regularly clean your jewelry



If you are someone who will keep up with daily maintenance; you should wipe the piece down with a soft cloth after each use. If you know that it has been exposed to a bit more that day than normal (sweat, lotions, humidity, etc.) You could rinse it off with some warm water and pat it dry with a soft cloth.

When you know that it realllly needs a good cleaning, you can :

1. Get a bowl of warm water and add just a small amount of a mild, clear/ mild dish soap

2. Soak the jewelry for 2 minutes

3. Gently brush your jewelry with a SOFT toothbrush or washcloth 

4. Rinse thoroughly, in plain water, making sure all the soap is off

5. Make sure it is completely dry before storing it away

If you are NOT that person, just wear the shit out of your jewelry and buy another/different one when it has tarnished. I know that’s a little harsh but that is the reality and the fun with affordable jewelry. This isn’t going to tarnish after 4 days, like gold-plated does, but it is great jewelry you don’t need to worry much about! You can wear it out and then a few months later; get something new, rather than spend $1000 on a piece of fine jewelry that you eventually get bored of…. but that’s just my opinion.



You should store your jewelry in an airtight container, away from light and moisture. Put your jewelry in a plastic baggie and then put that in your DRIP bag, and you’re set! That is the way to go!

I know most of us are not going to take off our jewelry to store it every day, BUT if you really want to maximize the lifetime of your jewelry, its a great step to take.


These tips can be used for taking care of any type of jewelry! 

Meet the Owner

My name is Alana Kendall Voorhies. People call me Alana, Kendall and AK so I will let you decide what you want to call me lol.
At 25 years old and after playing around with all kinds of different career ideas, I thought I FINALLY found the right one. HAAAAA.
So, I got a pretty sweet gig a few days before the lockdown and now I’m kind of in limbo, waiting to see if the world turns around in time for me to begin training.
BUT if you know me, you know I have been obsessed with jewelry for all of my life and have been talking about making jewelry for upwards of 10 years. I am not saying I am happy I don’t get to start my new job but I am soooo happy it led me here. Cheers to new beginnings!! Enjoy :)