Drip Jewelry Ambassador Program

Do you love Drip Jewelry? Do you want to be apart of something big? Do you want a little community of the most badass people on planet earth? This is for you.
I am so exited to announce that Drip will finally have an ambassador program. This is a unique experience, meant for current Drip customers, instead of just for influencers.
I wanted to start this with people who already love the brand and have supported Drip with their posts, referrals and hard earned money.
You guys are what keep me and the business going. I rely on people like you to get the word out and grow this brand I love so much. REAL CUSTOMERS are the best way to keep this train going. You made a purchase and have stuck around, so this makes you a reliable and trustworthy source for your audience.

This ambassadorship is for ANYONE who is a Drip customer! You’ll get a specific link to give your Instagram followers, TikTok followers, friends, family, enemies, high-school bullies, etc. and this is how I’ll be able to track your activity!

The Good Stuff:

Each order purchased through your link will earn you 10% commission in the form of a gift card. If you’re getting lots of link clicks, but no purchases.. no worries, I’m tracking that too and that will also go towards gift cards. 

I want you to make this ambassadorship whatever you want it to be. I am excited to see what you come up with and I am always here to help with content ideas. I can even give you cute templates and graphics I use. There’s no minimum requirements but you’re in charge of how much Drip you can earn! 

If you are interested in this program, send an email to ak@dripjewelry.com with your name, your social media handles, your age and your location. 


Join the Facebook group while you’re at it! This is a group for all the ambassadors to talk, share ideas, recommend products!


Ideas to maximize your potential:

-put your link in your social media bios

- make a tiktok/reel/ insta story talking about Drip’s quality for the price  

- text product links to anyone who gives you gifts. This is a double whammmmmyy. You’ll earn jewelry on the order that’s for you!

- re-share Drip’s posts and add your own link with a brief note about why you love drip. Be sure to add a CTA (call to action) like “check the site now!”

- text specific product links to friends who need a certain item

- show your Drip of the Day with direct links to the products 

- make a tiktok/reel/ insta story talking about how Drip can customize jewelry

- post or share gift ideas 

- video yourself styling a friend with jewelry 

- do a “this or that” with drip products and have people vote on their favorites. Include the name of the product and your link so that they can find it and buy right away 

- send the link to your guy friends so that they can get gifts for their mom, sister or girlfriend (guys are usually clueless and helping them goes a long way)

can’t wait to see how this goes! <3