how to maximize your vacation jewelry looks

You want to bring items that can be worn separately or together to be make more looks using less jewelry!

1 pair of basic earrings, 1 pair of "fun" huggies, 2 pendant necklaces, a few layering chains, 1 statement necklace, a pair of "fancy" earrings, and 1 extender clasp.


For example:

Perfect Baby Huggies

Zodiac Huggies

Rec Drop 2.0 Clear (18 inch)

Shea Initial Necklace (16 inch)

Thin Paperclip Layering Chain (16 inch)

Waves Layering Chain (18 inch)

Stainless Cuban (20 inch) 

Joy (18 inch)

Triple Threat Earrings


This is my thought process behind the selection:

  • The Perfect Baby Huggies are literally perfect for every day, and you don't have to take them out.  The Zodiac Huggies are fun enough to feel like you're mixing it up, but they are simple enough to wear them every day without getting bored of them. Both of these earrings are gold and no fuss, so they match everything!

  • You can mix all of the pendant and layering necklaces around in countless ways.  They ALL go together, or you can mix and match. I chose pendant necklaces that were on different chains than the layering chains we're bringing. This allows us to have more options to mix and match. I choose 2 thin layering chains and 1 thick.  This is the best way to have maximum use of every necklace.

  • Joy is a statement necklace on its own but also layers well with others. The Initial Necklace, Thin Paperclip and Joy look really cute all together and would be perfect for when you are more dressed up. Joy goes with lots of different necklines, so it is a good necklace to bring for vacation!

  • The Triple Threat Earrings go with everything and are perfect for when you're dressed up at dinners or nights out.

  • You should bring an extender clasp to give yourself even more options! This way, you can mix up the lengths of your layers even more.

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