About Drip

Drip Jewelry

“DRIP” because of the slang term, obviously, but also because everything is water-resistant! We love a play on words.

Rooted in inclusivity, Drip Jewelry is hypoallergenic, size-inclusive, fair priced jewelry that is made in Baton Rouge (soon to be Charlotte— moving in January!).

Jewelry for everyone! We have a wide range of products - something for everyone.  We have on-trend pieces and timeless classics.  We also have funky, edgy pieces that’ll make your grandma shiver.  

When you reach out to Drip, you are always getting personal assistance from the designer herself. Helping customers style pieces or find gifts for friends and family is always a favorite— Feel free to email! AK@DRIPJEWELRY.COM


A note from AK:

I am passionate about insuring my jewelry is hypoallergenic and able to withstand a great deal of wear and tear, so I have an elaborate testing process before selling anything to customers. I truly want you to trust that you are getting good quality when shopping with me. 

Everything is small-batch and nearly everything is made-to-order, which means it is made after you purchase and is made specifically for YOU!  This helps me keep the products affordable while allowing customization when necessary.

Read more about the materials used at DRIP!