Pearlcore Takeover

Classic. Timeless. Boring…. Wait, what? Not anymore!

I used to think pearls were sooo boring and so grandma.

 I would not be caught dead in a classic strand of perfectly round pearls. Then, I started Drip. It has been so fun and *honestly* easy to corporate pearls into my designs.

Alana Kendall Voorhies, owner of Drip Jewelry by AK, has been making the craze her own. Her styles are creative, trendy and even a little edgy, so pearls weren’t always her go-to.” -InRegister Magazine

I love being able to incorporate them in a way that makes them cool.  Whether it is a tiny strand of pearls, paired with a chunky chain and fun pendant or pearls dangling off of a gold chain - pearls have been an integral part of Drip Jewelry’s designs.  I have even had a few customers give me heirloom pearls to remake into fun new designs.  







“The main takeaway from this trend is to take something classic and make it your own. Voorhies says one of the best parts of pearls is their versatility—a white gemstone pops on anyone’s skin tone, and acts as the perfect blank slate to layer and mix to your heart’s content.” -InRegister Magazine

Pearl jewelry has been around for YEARS and it looks like it is not going away any time soon. 


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