FUN STORY if you like reading my thoughts/life: This morning, I got a notification saying Drip’s instagram was disabled and its under review now. It might come back — it might not. Dealing with meta / facebook / instagram is like dealing with a stubborn-toddler-genius-savant from the year 3000 . Use your imagination.

If you’ve been here a while, you’d know I have been working on getting @dripjewelry for my handle for a while. It has my website listed, and used to have MY email as well (this is a very long story if you’re interested).  I obviously tried to contact the original owner first, but I am pretty sure he died. I‘ve done a deep dive, multiple times over the past few years. RIP.  

So, since instagram/meta/facebook is zero help.. I try to hack into it, I figured out what email it was using.. so I tried getting into that, made new emails, contacted Google, etc. etc. etc.  Needless to say, I never got the account. And I said all of that becauseeeee I just wanna show you that clearly this whole instagram thing is a HEADACHE. 

This brand is called Drip Jewelry. I NEVER wanted my brand to be “Drip Jewelry by Ak”. I paid for the rights to and emails associated with dripjewelry. And nowwww a lot of people are confused, but setting the record straight here. it’s DRIP JEWELRY. And instagram is the ONLY REASON that people get the name wrong. I get why they are confused.. but freaking metaaaaaa won’t help me. Did you know there’s not even like a business customer service email or anything? There was one.. but the email goes into space basically. *I have an inside source* **but I texted them to cash in my 1-time-Meta-Favor and turns out they were laid off last month**


That being said, I have been racking my brain for a new instagram name that has all the things I need and ticks all the boxes and I might’veeee found it. I made a back up account with it so I can secure the username since apparently it really IS that serious.


I think that name kinda says it all. I don’t love that it doesn’t start with “dripjewelry” because that is what people will instinctively begin to type, but its the best I had come up with.

GOOD THING I DID! Because this may blow over tomorrow, or I might have to start over. In the mean time, it’s the perfect place to transition into the new-temporary-interim-not sure yet- instagram handle.  So follow us here!!


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